Aleks Fadini

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  • "A wealth of full-blown music coming from every side, from Fadini’s fascination with contrast, tension, and exit markers..."
    AXS - Carol Banks Weber
  • "It reflects this young, up-and-comer’s fresh appreciation for jazz improvisation and natural affinity for songwriting."
    AXS - Carol Banks Weber
  • "Listeners will find the music endlessly fascinating in spite of the liberties the musicians take with harmony and hidden melodies."
    AXS - Carol Banks Weber
  • " …tightly wound backstreet riff that unfolds like the storms that blow in off the Atlantic. Snoopy would have it no other way."
    ELMORE MAGAZINE - Mike Jurkovic
  • "Pianist Alessandro Fadini brings together a subtly swinging session that is filled with lovely pastels."
    JAZZ WEEKLY - George Harris
  • "Thoughtful, filled with the pastels and grey shadows of song."
    JAZZ WEEKLY - George Harris
  • "seemingly never missing a single note in his aggressive runs and solos"
    ALIBI - Kent Miller
  • "über-proficient piano playing"
    ALIBI - Kent Miller
  • "une conception gemoetrique du clavier, faite de perpendiculaires, de parallélismes et de jeux en miroir, pour des restutats plaisants autant que fort logiques"
    JAZZ MAGAZINE - Ludovic Florin (France)
  • "une recherche menée dans l’esprit de modernes tels que Steve Lehman et Vijay Iyer […] immediatement accessible, y compris pour ce qui concerne l’aspect rythmique, la clarté…"
    JAZZ MAGAZINE - Ludovic Florin (France)


Alessandro’s first musical misadventure was as a self-taught musician, fascinated by jazz music. In his hometown in Italy, he studied with his first mentor, pianist Daniele Tione, who showed to him that what really matters in music is not the ear but the nose, and looking in the mirror Alessandro realized his great potential.

With the intention of studying something useful for a change, Alessandro also pursued a career in Mathematics in the Università degli Studi di Torino, but then relocated to France to escape far away from numbers and algorythms. He completed his studies at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Nice, Côte d’Azur.

There, he collaborated with French musicians, among them saxophonist and mentor Jean-Marc Baccarini, who introduced him to total improvisation, further reducing his chances to make a living out of music and make his grandma happy.

In 2011, Alessandro moved to New York City, worked as a freelance pianist, toured internationally with singer Yana Bibb and graduated in Jazz Performance at the City College of New York. Under the mentorship of pianist Marc Copland, Alessandro developed an idea of music that is intensely groovy yet intuitive and freely improvised.

This musical identity allowed Alessandro to connect with like-minded musicians and to create his own NY-based group, with which he performs regularly, showcasing new musical concepts that push the boundaries of modern jazz. This sound is captured in Alessandro Fadini’s debut album, “It Was A Dark And Stormy Day”, published by Freshsound New Talent.


As Leader

Alessandro Fadini, "A Dark And Stormy Day" Freshsound New Talent, 2016

As Sideman

Yana Bibb, "An Afternoon In Paris" Dixiefrog, 2016
Martino Dessi, "Distance" Indie, 2016
Yana Bibb, "Not A Minute Too Late" Dixiefrog, 2014
Julien Hucq, "Julien Hucq NYC Quartet" Indie, 2014


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